The Monkey Troubles

by David And The PS3 Games

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released February 20, 2013



all rights reserved


David And The PS3 Games Jacksonville, Florida

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Track Name: What Happened To The Drop?
I've been to the steel mills of Alaska, and the cornfields of Nebraska. I've seen the derelict offices of Google burn with the window boarded up and the squatters inside them. I've seen the houses where they cut up the little babies. From coast to shining coast I have walked empty down drooling path <indecipherable> The decaying flesh of false morality poisoning our children. I have stood atop the mountain of this greedy earth, looking upon our beautiful pious pit, filled to bursting with the vast hands of helplessness. And did you know what I saw? Hell
Track Name: Look At Me I'm A Faggot
I've seen things you wouldn't believe. Freighter trains collapsing in a hunk of broken steel over an ever-burning canyon. Hand powered trams, rushing down an incline at speeds that would kill an average man. With my own eyes, I've witnessed a plethora of steel and burning ash collapse in on itself as two feirce, mighty trains collide, and end their lives in a fiery ball of death. And one day, I too will be ending my life, just like diesel train before us , and just like the current line of electric monorails one day undoubtably will. All these train rich histories will be lost, like tears in the wind... Time to die

So, I got a little story to share...

Today in my Spanish class, there was this who was complaining about someone's opinion, because it contradicted his own. Somebody told him that Beyonce's performance at the Super Bowl was terrible, and he was expressing his contempt for this person and this person's opinion by stating that he had the urge to physically harm this person.

Seeing the golden opportunity, I promptly turned around and gave this student a piece of my mind.

''I thought Beyonce's performance at the Super Bowl was utter shit as well. Do you want to hit me too?''

''Yes, yes I do''

I love how this kid was defending some mere pop star in such manner. I just found it so adorable.
Track Name: What A Tease
And that's the end of the song
And that's the end of the song